JOBARA Foods-Purpose

In Todays scenario where Life Style diseases have been omnipresent in all human beings across all age sectors, a long term solution is required to stop it, thus let everybody have a Healthy life…And this is where we want to contribute our share of input.

Back to Basics – It was only after the Green revolution that the Wheat and Rice have captured as Major staple diet in the Country. As could be seen from the table bellow, the Millets can be seen scoring high when it comes to holistic nutrition . Moreover these are found to be containing more of Dietary Fibre and Micronutrients as compared to Wheat and Rice. The absence of Gluten in millets make it as a better option.Dietary Fiber and micronutrients are essential to take care of the hidden hunger getting managed.The mismanaged hidden hunger, can result into different deficiencies occurring in an individual depending on body adaptability.







What Could be the Solutions?

Obviously , “The Right Food”

“Healthy eating is a way of life, being healthy outside starts from the inside.”

Everything we eat results in the formation of our body. We humans have a history of evolution in terms of food. Our earlier generations were very peculiar about the food habits, but by the passing days, we have forgotten the teachings of our ancestors. Indian Culture comprises a wide spectrum of food delicacies that are served to every age group of individuals. We use many spices, ingredients that are high in nutrition, numerous varieties of vegetables to prepare healthy food for our loved ones.

Our aim is to get Millets inculcated as Staple Food due to following reasons:

1. Very High in Proteins, Fiber and Micro nutrients. All essential for Good Nutrition.

2. Absence of Gluten as compared to Wheat and Rice, thus resulting in better digestion.

3. Effective solution for Hidden Hunger.

4. Presence of Complex carbohydrates in the Millets can be effective solution for weight control, Sugar level or BP.
5. Can be grown easily with 1/4th Water requirement for Cultivation thus a solution for rain deficiency in an Agrarian economy.

6. minimal Pest control hence can be a solution for Massive crop failure due to

7. Revival in prosperity of farmers particularly dependent on Climatic conditions.

JoBaRa Foods-The Right Food

Apropos to above senario,  We are redefining the importance of some of the core ingredients of Indian Food those are Jowar, Bajra and Ragi. Our generation is extremely influenced by Western Food (Junk Food), and JoBaRa wants them to know that they can avail the same taste of a particular dish simply by changing few ingredients from Unhealthy to Healthy ones.

JoBaRa Foods – Unique Value Proposition

Proposing a Daily Food Product range resulting into Long term Health Benefits for Individuals, Lessening of Life Style Disease occurrence, Prospering the Farmer growing Millets with minimal input cost, betterment of the Agrarian economy giving positive push to Macro Economic Drives for National Development.

Eating Right Sets Everything Right!

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