Nutritional Table

Nutritional Table Nutritional Table                 Grain Carbo-hydrates (g) Protein (g) Fat (g) Energy (KCal) Dietary fibre (g) Ca (mg) Fe (mg) ZN (mg) Gluten Finger millet (Ragi) 66.8 7.3 1.9 322 11.2 364 4.6 2.5 No Gluten Sorghum (Jowar) 67.7 10.4 1.7 335.5 10.2 27.6 3.9 1.9 No […]

Bajra & Its Benefits

Bajra & Its Benefits India is the largest producer of Bajra in the world. Bajra is a hardy crop that grows well, even in droughtconditions, high temperatures and low soil fertility which is why Rajasthan produces the largest amountof Bajra in the country and the grain is an integral part of Rajasthani cuisine. In India, […]

Jowar & Its Benefits

Jowar & Its Benefits Jowar is one of the most popular types of grain consumed in India. After wheat, the maximum amount of cultivated land in India is used for growing Jowar. It is the 5th most important cereal in the world. Jowar is a staple source of nutrition in areas that are arid, and […]

Ragi & its benefits

Ragi & its benefits Ragi is a hardy crop that can grow in high altitudes and withstand harsh weather conditions, making it perfectly suited for the Indian climatic conditions. In India, Ragi was introduced about 4000 years ago and has been found in archeological excavations in the Harappan Civilization. Benefits of Ragi Rich in Calcium […]

Understanding Of Millets

Understanding Of Millets Until 60 years ago millets were among the major grains grown in India. From a staple food and integral part of local food cultures, just like many other things, millets have come to be looked down upon by modern urban consumers as “poor man’s food” & “coarse grains” – something that their […]

Amazing Benefits Of Pearls Millet You Never Knew About

Amazing Benefits Of Pearls Millet You Never Knew About Main Name: Pearl MilletBiological Name: Pennisetum glaucumNames in Other Languages: Grano (Spanish), Type de graine (French),  Bajra (Hindi), Kamboo (Tamil & Malayalam), Sajjalu (Telugu), Bajri (Marathi, Gujarati), Bajra (Bengali, Oriya, Punjabi & Urdu) There’s great news for all you gluten intolerant people! If you are looking for alternatives, then don’t forget to […]

23 Research-Based Millets Benefits For Skin, Hairs & Health

23 Research-Based Millets Benefits For Skin, Hairs & Health With increasing cases of obesity, diabetes and early heart strokes, there is a sudden rise in health consciousness among people. There is a need to make healthy diet choices, and we must say, Millets are making quite an impact! Millets were once a staple diet with […]

12 Best Ragi Benefits (Finger Millet) With Nutrition Facts

Ragi or finger millet is a cereal crop widely grown in Africa and Asia. However, has been cultivated in Uganda and Ethiopia for thousands of years. Ragi in India is known by many names. It is known as Ragi in Kannada and Telugu, Mangal or Mandua in Hindi, Nachni in Marathi, Kodra in Himachal Pradesh, […]